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American investigation: Miss " gold period " urgen









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Associated press reports recently, according to the United States federally purchase detailed account, till March the middle ten days of a month, american government just begins to order personnel of medical treatment of a gleam of in great quantities must the equipment of goods and materials such as N95 guaze mask and lung ventilator. Be in early however this year in January, china had broken out new coronal is pneumonic epidemic situation, and present a popular inside global limits trend. A variety of evidence make clear, the epidemic situation that American government wasted near two months guards against " key period " .
Associated press says, when should beginning a large number of ordering federally already too late, a lot of hospitals already applied for aid to federal strategy storage facility for reserve purpose, make the inventory of the federal strategy storage facility for reserve purpose that should produce lash-up effect originally very fast bright have red light. More bad is, a lot of medical establishment say, what they receive is already bad lung ventilator and overdue guaze mask.
The Kathleen Xibeiliusi that ever held the position of sanitation and public service minister in government of abstruse Ba Ma (Kathleen Sebelius) tell associated press the reporter: "Original United States has the time of two months to prepare for epidemic situation, apparent ' gold period ' had been dropped by waste. Apparent ' gold period ' had been dropped by waste..
This report says, although China and Italy appear in succession the crisis of the manpower of the hospital, bed and in short supply of equipment goods and materials, but American sanitation and public service ministry take this seriously not quite, also did not adopt against a rainy day the medical treatment goods and materials that step will come answer likelihood happening is in short supply. American president Telangpu still makes a statement even say, the United States is in federally when answering craze disease, should give each city the government enough " flexibility " , is not to develop front line.
Each state government and local hospital already were asked to buy guaze mask and lung ventilator by oneself, be informed federal strategy reserve just is not gotten finally with aid method. The husband give attention to two or morethings of Telangpu's president asks Gulide Kushenna (Jared Kushner) last week say on the news briefing of the White House of 4: "Federal strategy reserve should be not considered as the lash-up reserve of each city, each city can be not used casually. Each city can be not used casually..
Kushenna publishs this opinion on public affairs to suffer the doubt of American all circles, telangpu also is asked to make further explanation on the press conference of the White House later. The bey before Kansan Kathleen Xibeiliusi (Kathleen Sebelius) say to associated press: "Each city is not have enough purchasing power, also do not have federally the so strong capability that tackles finance deficit. Must want to make sure reserve of medical treatment goods and materials can distribute the place that needs most effectively federally. Must want to make sure reserve of medical treatment goods and materials can distribute the place that needs most effectively federally..
Current, bey of many United States expresses, their need and federally with etc price of each state contest buys medical treatment goods and materials, push thereby tall price of goods and materials. Heart of Chang'an of new York city Lew Ke not (Andrew M. Cuomo) claim: "If want to buy lung ventilator, as if want 50 states one case contest price, this resembles shopping on network auction platform simply, even the telephone call that you still can get a company to be hit, tell you California state the price that give is higher than you. Tell you California state the price that give is higher than you..
In the past inside a month, division not appeal with other bey Telangpuli is used " national defence produces a law " command each companies are urgent change the line of production medical treatment goods and materials. But Telangpu is right from beginning to end this ignore, he thinks each company should make corresponding decision according to the interest of oneself.
Associated press says, when Chinese report epidemic situation after 3 many months, telangpu just commands goods and materials of medical treatment of each company mass-produced key. Before this, telangpu is opposite in desalt public all the time craze is anxious illy, the alarm that says epidemic situation will spread in the United States is the Democratic Party and media nevertheless " exaggerate " . Announced on January 30 in World Health Organization this epidemic situation is the whole world even after communal and wholesome major sudden event, he states epidemic situation is met in the United States publicly still " get appropriate canal accuses " , and forecast prevent control an outcome will " first-rate. And forecast prevent control an outcome will " first-rate..
Till Feburary 24, the White House just applies for capital of 2.5 billion dollar to answer epidemic situation to break out to congress, disease of the United States that lie between a day accuses central expert warning to say, virus of new-style coronal shape is travelling quickly in the United States, cause daily to the public life serious effect. But, currently hold the post ofsanitation and Alex Aza of minister of public service ministry (Alex Azar) still firm say: "The risk of poison of catch a disease of American public feeling still very low. "The risk of poison of catch a disease of American public feeling still very low..
According to associated press the report March, in can use originally track virus closely to travel and the key of epidemic situation of keep within limits a few Zhou Zhong, as a result of federally ambiguous manner and detect finitely ability, only very few person accepted virus to detect, the datagram that infection number also was not aimed at during is accused, apparent federal and this each city were not aimed at the lash-up measure of epidemic situation.
Up to in March the middle ten days of a month, new York, Xiyatu and the infection that new orleans reports amount of case of illness begins increase sharply, personnel of medical treatment of a gleam of complains guaze mask is mixed defend take wait for goods and materials to supply shortage. Telangpu criticises bey of a few the Democratic Parties exaggerated epidemic situation, criticize those bespatter to help adverse person federally.
Sanitation and spokesman of public service department once expressed, lay in federally have guaze mask of 13 million N95, enough protects medical treatment personnel to avoid the risk of infection. But this cannot have satisfied current need far, normally cure protects personnel every examine a patient to be about to change a guaze mask, actual condition is they want to use a respirator on several days however.
Telangpu this responsibility " swing boiler " gave Aobama the government, he says on the press conference of the White House March 26, the government does not have Aobama to leave any lash-up to lay in to him, and he has tried hard and the fast inadequacy that offsetted reserve. But, the government purchases a record to make clear, it is till epidemic situation after the United States is eruptive, just begin to purchase medical treatment goods and materials in great quantities federally.
Sanitation and public service ministry announced on March 4, will buy guaze mask of 500 million N95, will be in the place that 18 months distribute future to need. Later, congress passed gross the epidemic situation of 8.3 billion dollar answers a budget, broke up than the application before the White House is early 3 times much.
Associated press says, alive after defending an organization to suggest to adopt those who prevent 6 weeks when accuse measure, telangpu announced on March 13 the United States enters a country eventually critical condition. Although carry the goods and materials of reserve medical treatment of tens of thousands of federally toward epidemic situation most the Washington city that breaks out first, but this state official states these are far insufficient still. Sanitation and public service ministry ordered value to 3M company on March 12 the N95 guaze mask of 4.8 million dollar, value was increased again later the order of 173 million dollar. However, before order does not have compulsive 3M company to be by April, these deliver the goods, this makes clear, these goods and materials can be not used answer coming epidemic situation height.
Federal strategy storage facility for reserve purpose is established 1999, it is to deal with a likelihood originally by " Y2k " the supply that bring about catenary ruptures. "911 " after fearing a case, this library enlarge added the goods and materials that answers chemical, biology and nuclear assault to lay in. 2006, the United States is its bankroll further in order to answer epidemic risk.
Before controller of federal strategy storage facility for reserve purpose Er of Bai Lei of thunder case · (Greg Burel) express when accepting associated press to interview: Federal strategy reserve can answer demand of short-term goods and materials merely, can grasp limited one-year budget to answer all sorts of potential menace only. Such goods and materials meets guaze mask just be bought in great quantities when need only.
Besides guaze mask, american expert still fears lung ventilator also can generate shortage immediately. Inside a month in the past, numerous area controller appeals Telangpugen is occupied " national defence produces a law " command each yield that big company raises lung ventilator. But till two weeks before, telangpu just commands general motors company to change the line of production lung ventilator. Although general motors company says its had begun the operation, but deliver the goods unlikelily before this summer.
Associated press says, management board of American food medicines and chemical reagents (FDA) the hospital allows to use emergency treatment lung ventilator to replace standard lung ventilator in new guideline, former use in emergency treatment car only normally. This orgnaization still expresses, below certain state, also can use Yu Xinguan with the respirator that snores at cure pneumonic the rescue of the person that affect.

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